MYCELX Bilge Water & Pretreatment Systems

Megator Corporation has entered into a cooperative agreement with MYCELX Technologies to represent its oil-free water technologies to the marine industry in Europe and the Americas.

PureShip BilgeKleen®
The World's Only Stand-Alone Polishing Unit for Emulsified Bilge Water

Megator now offers MYCELX PureShip BilgeKleen®, the world’s only stand-alone polishing unit certified to meet or exceed the requirements of IMO MEPC 107(49)c for emulsified bilge water. The BilgeKleen® unit removes oil, gas, diesel fuel, and other hydrocarbon pollutants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard.

  • Performs Equal to or Better than IMO MEPC 107(49)c Bilge Standards
  • Renders Oil into a Cohesive Viscoelastic Mass upon Contact
  • Eliminates Re-Entrainment
  • No Visible Sheen

PureShip BilgeKleen® allows you to safely discharge at sea with no visible sheen and can be used as:

  • A stand-alone bilge treatment system on smaller vessels
  • A bolt on polisher for an existing oil water separator
  • A replacement for an ineffective and unreliable existing polisher

We also offer:

  • Replacement polishing filter cartridges
  • infused with MYCELX to replace inferior and ineffective filter media cartridges
  • Preconditioning systems consisting of filter housing equipped with MYCELX snippets, which are ideal for:
    • – Capturing slugs of bulk oil and particulate before an OWS or stand-alone polisher
    • – For use in front of membrane systems to prevent face plugging, fouling and damage to membranes from bulk oil and particulate that would otherwise require expensive replacement.
  • OilClean® filter housings for bilge water
  • treatment on work boats and recreational boats
HRM Filters
HRM Filters
Snippet (SN) Coalescing Media Bags
Snippet (SN) Coalescing Media Bags
OilClean® Filters
OilClean® Filters

Marine pressure sets
MYCELX polishing unit can be used alone with smaller vessels or coupled with an OWS to assure sheen-free bilge discharge and no NOAA action.

Applying polymers to filters to enhance oil affinity has been attempted without success multiple times. The reason: all man-made sequentially assembled polymers swell with oil, quickly resulting in prohibitive dP. MYCELX is novel in that it renders oil into a cohesive viscoelastic mass upon contact. VE materials densify and contract when sheared. Oil captured by MYCELX filters contracts and adheres to the filter without resulting in dP. The viscoelastic immobilization of the oil also results in the smallest possible footprint as re-entrainment is eliminated.

Why should you use MYCELX bilge water polishing and pretreatment systems?

  • Captures and immobilizes dispersed oils and oily slugs
  • without developing pressure or plugging up
  • Discharge is sheen free even under high-loading scenarios
  • Best way to protect sensitive downstream devices
  • (i.e., UF, RO, distillation feed) from fouling, thus optimizing system performance
  • Can be used stand-alone or coupled with MEPC 60(33) OWS as needed to assure sheen-free discharge
Lloyd’s Register Certificates available

Marine pressure sets
MYCELX filters are used on the Galapagos Islands fleet, discharging sheen-free water at 5 ppm or better, which protects the islands’ unique ecosystems including that of the marine iguana.
Upon contact with the MYCELX molecule, oily pollutants in the air and water bond immediately and PERMANENTLY ATTACH.
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