Dolphin Floating Strainers

Megator Dolphin floating suction strainers draw from just below the surface of water, below scum and debris and above sand and muck. It screens out materials that damage and wear out pump impellers, seals and bearings. A patented construction with a freely turning tube eliminates the common twisting effect of the hose and ensures correct attitude of the strainer at all times. The float chamber contains a moulding of polyurethane foam, providing millions of separate air cells, so there is no loss of buoyancy if damaged.

  • Reduce wear of pumps
  • Prevent pump damage
  • Prevent stoppages
  • Lessen cavitation risk
  • Always float upright
  • Corrosion proof
  • Shock proof
  • Save their cost many times over
  • No maintenance costs

For dewatering mines, quarries, excavations, sumps. For water supplies from rivers, lakes and ponds. Supplying water to fire appliances. For oil storage and other installations required to draw from just under the surface.

Model Hose Size Diameter Height Max. Capacity
112" 112" 534" 638" 37 US gpm
38 mm 146 mm 162 mm 140 lt/min
2" 2" 7316" 678" 74 US gpm
51 mm 183 mm 175 mm 280 lt/min
3" 3" 10" 812" 148 US gpm
76 mm 254 mm 216 mm 560 lt/min
4" 4" 12" 1012" 304 US gpm
102 mm 305 mm 267 mm 1150 lt/min
6" 6" 1534" 19" 792 US gpm
152 mm 400 mm 482 mm 3000 lt/min

Suction Hose

A suction hose of 10 ft (3 m) long is recommended. The floating strainer will support this length of hose in the water, the other end resting on the ground or attached to a fixed pipe.

The floating strainer normally floats with the hose hanging in a loop. part of the strainer may be above the water surface, but air will not be drawn in, as the entry tube is well submerged. In shallow water a longer hose is practicable as it rests partly the bottom.

Large rise and fall

If there is a large rise and fall of the water level, and particularly if the length of hose is restricted, the fixed end of the hose should be only a little above the low water level. It does not generally matter if the strainer is completely submerged at high level.

Foot valve

If a foot valve is required, due to the use of a non-self priming pump, it should be fitted at the lowest point of the suction piping. It is not advisable to fit a foot valve in or adjoining the strainer, as this could form an air lock in the hose.

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