Oil Dispersant Spray Systems

Megator oil spill dispersant spray systems are portable lightweight sets that can be quickly and easily mounted on tugs, offshore supply vessels and other pollution control craft responding to marine emergency oil spill situations.

“We couldn’t believe how much time we have saved by using this system, we have never seen pump performance like this on a dispersant set. Self-priming, super suction and it can run dry for hours without damage, let alone how easy it is to maintain, superb.”

The above oil spill dispersant spray system consists of a self priming positive displacement pump, prime mover, dispersant flowmeter and interconnecting pipework, all mounted on an aluminum frame.

  • Open sea or inshore duty
  • Suitable for below- or above-deck mounting mounting
  • Diesel or electric drive
  • Three standard units
  • Self priming with powerful suction performance
  • Will not be damaged if left running with a dry suction
  • The original Megator oil dispersant spray system was tested and approved by the Warren Spring Laboratory

Oil dispersant consumption is appreciably reduced by using Megator oil dispersant spray systems. With its outstanding self-priming and dry-running capability, the Megator oil spill dispersant spray system can be stopped after the first run through an oil slick and then simply restarted for the second pass without the worry of loss of prime.

Model Dispersant Pump Seawater Pump Prime Mover
Type Output Type Output
l/s gal/min l/s gal/min
DP6 F35B 0.1 1.3 H100 0.9 11.8 Electric
DP20 L75 0.15 2 L150 1.36 18 Diesel or Electric
DP25 H75 0.40 5.5 H200 3.75 49.5 Diesel or Electric

Used to pump either neat or dilute dispersant. Dispersant dilution gives up to 30% pumping ratio with seawater.


  • Dispersant spray arms
  • Total flowrate flowmeter
  • Electric start diesel engine
  • IP66 starter complete with remote start/stop facility
  • Spares kit
  • Bridge control unit

Purpose Built Sets

In addition to the oil spill dispersant spray systems detailed above, Megator can design and supply purpose built sets to meet customers’ individual specifications.

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