Versimat Bulk Oil Sorption

Versimat is infused with patented chemistry rendering it highly absorbent to oil and repellent to water. A sweep or broom only absorbs oil where it contacts the oil/water interface. The Versimat has been designed to maximize effective contact area and minimize weight. This maximizes performance while reducing water drag and waste disposal costs. Its large surface contact area, the largest square footage per pound of any product available, allows it to immediately absorb much more effectively than standard sweep/boom products. Versimat is designed for bulk sorption of light to heavy oils. Each 10-foot section of Versimat can be used as a sweep, but its versatile design allows it to be easily attached together to form a continuous barrier of absorbent protection. Excellent for use on diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids, light oils and medium oils, as well as crude oils.

Versimat Bulk Oil Sorption Resources