Oil Water Separators

SS-MEGA-OWS Oil Water Separator

The SS MEGA-OWS parallel plate oil water separator is sized according to the American Petroleum Institutes Publication No. 421 formula for oil water separator sizing. This separator will remove virtually all free and dispersed oil from the wastewater. The effluent shall contain less than 10mg/1 of oil droplets greater than 20 microns with a specific gravity of 0.89 or less.

Oil Water Separator General Specifications

Package Flowrate Skimmer Pump Separator
m3/hr US gpm lt/min
System 31 1.5 6.6 25 11/2" Alpha L100 M04
System 32 3 13.2 50 11/2" Alpha L125 M08
System 33 6 26.4 100 2" Alpha L150 M12
System 34 10 44 165 3" Alpha L200 M24
System 35 20 88 330 3" Alpha L300 M36

The Standard Oil Water Separator Includes

  • Removable PVC coalescing media with spacing options for low, medium or high viscosity and solids loading applications.
  • Adjustable effluent weirs for correct flow and laminar distribution conditions.
  • Integral oil reservoirs.
  • Integral effluent chambers.
  • 304 stainless steel lid assemblies with lifting handles.

Oil Water Separator – Materials Of Construction

  • The tank shell, baffles, fittings and lids are fabricated of 304 stainless steel.
  • The media pack is fabricated of oil attracting (oleophilic) cross corrugated coalescing media PVC material.

Oil Water Separator – Options Includes

  • Integral pump rails and skids, freeze protection, level sensors, pump packages and extra fittings.
  • Polypropylene, 304 or 316 stainless steel media packs for chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Polishing filter cartridges offer an efficient polishing step for superior removal of oil contamination including emulsified oil.

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Oil Water Separator – Technical Specifications