Pumps, Pumping Systems & Pollution Control Solutions that solve problems & operate efficiently saving time & money

Our innovative and unique pumps were designed originally for some of the most demanding applications. When it comes to pumps, pumping systems & pollution control solutions, we have the equipment and know-how to solve problems, maximize productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

Regardless of whether you’re operating in a mining, industrial, marine, or pollution control environment, we can help meet your pumping requirements. Our pumps, pumping systems and pollution control solutions have continually exceeded our customers’ expectation for quality, performance and reliability.

Sliding Shoe Pumps

The Megator self priming positive displacement sliding-shoe pump provides exceptional suction performance, versatility, and the ability to pump at constant capacity against heads to 250′ (76m). It can run without harm during dry suction, is self compensating for wear, has a simple design with few working parts and single cover access to its wear parts.

Dolphin Floating Strainers

Megator Dolphin floating suction strainers draw from just below the surface of water, below scum and debris and above sand and muck. It screens out materials that damage and wear out pump impellers, seals and bearings.

Rotary Lobe Pumps

Pumping fluids that are highly viscous, abrasive, laden with solids or all of these is the daily task for the Megator Lobe Pump. Due to a number of carefully engineered features, the Megator Rotary Lobe Pump manages such a task whilst ensuring a low life cycle cost.

Salarollpump Systems

This portable pumping system with patented peristaltic pump design features super suction, which enables it to process high-viscous, abrasive, and debris-laden liquids. Developed originally for shoreline/pipeline oil spill cleanup, its durability, unlimited discharge capability and portability make it an effective tool for chemical spills, submerged oil recovery, high-viscous skimmer offloading and industrial, marine and offshore tank cleaning. It is also an alternative to expensive vacuum trucks.

Diaphragm Pumps

Pumps 2000 pumps are made of engineered plastics, operate lubrication free and are light weight and manual handling friendly. Several patented features make it possible for Pumps 2000 to offer market-leading low life cycle cost while delivering outstanding performance in the harshest environments as these pumps were designed specifically to handle abrasive, solid-laden and corrosive fluids.

Marine Pressure Sets

Megator marine pressure sets are compact self-contained units, incorporating the highly successful sliding-shoe pumps, hydraulic accumulator, inter-wired control panel and all interconnecting piping assembled on a fabricated steel frame. On-board installation only requires piping connections to suction and discharge manifolds, connection of main electrical supply to control panel.

Bilge Treatment Systems

Megator now offers MYCELX PureShip BilgeKleen®, the world’s only stand-alone polishing unit certified to meet or exceed the requirements of IMO MEPC 107(49)c for emulsified bilge water. The BilgeKleen® unit removes oil, gas, diesel fuel, and other hydrocarbon pollutants from bilge water before it is discharged overboard.

Oil Dispersant Spray Systems

Megator oil spill dispersant spray systems are portable lightweight sets that can be quickly and easily mounted on tugs, offshore supply vessels and other pollution control craft responding to marine emergency oil spill situations.

System 3 Recovery & Separation

The System-3 provides you with a pre-engineered, pre-packaged, ready to install self-contained system designed for oil skimming and oil water separation as well as other pollution problems. Megator can supply complete packaged oil water separator systems, comprising oil skimmer, feed pump and oil-water separator. The systems can either be supplied as static installations or as a portable trailer mounted unit. Ideal for emergency response oil spill clean up situations.

Oil & Effluent Recovery Units

The Megator Recovery Unit is a unique packaged pump and skimmer system designed to recover oil and other effluents from water. It is ideal for applications requiring reliable, portable and efficient pumping to abate or remediate oil spills or accumulations of various surface materials on water.

Weir Oil Skimmers

Megator manufactures a range of oil skimmers designed to remove pollutants and nuisance media from the surface of calm or sheltered waters and shore line areas. Ideal for emergency oil spill clean up situations.

Rope Mop Skimmers

The Megator Rope Mop oil skimmers recover floating oils from the surface of water using a rope mop. The floating rope is driven over the surface of the oil by a drive unit which also squeezes the oil out of the rope for recovery. Rope mop skimmers use a unique fibrillated polypropylene rope which is oleophilic (attracts oil) to remove the floating oils in a wide range of spill clean-up or industrial applications and have proven their reliability in thousands of applications worldwide.

Oil Water Separators

The SS MEGA-OWS parallel plate oil water separator is sized according to the American Petroleum Institutes Publication No. 421 formula for oil water separator sizing. This separator will remove virtually all free and dispersed oil from the wastewater. The effluent shall contain less than 10mg/1 of oil droplets greater than 20 microns with a specific gravity of 0.89 or less.

Oil Spill Trailers

The Megator Oil Response Trailer is a complete package of response equipment that enables personnel to effectively deal with small to medium land-based pollution oil spill situations at a moments notice.

Floating Booms

Customizable Oil Boom for Containment and Oil Recovery. Megator offers high-quality cost-effective customizable solutions that can meet any specifications. Our standard product offering includes Inflatable boom, hard boom, and reels among other accessories.

Versimat Bulk Oil Sorption

Versimat is infused with patented chemistry rendering it highly absorbent to oil and repellent to water. A sweep or broom only absorbs oil where it contacts the oil/water interface. The Versimat has been designed to maximize the effective contact area and minimize weight. This maximizes performance while reducing water drag and waste disposal costs.

Truxor Amphibious Tool

Truxor with their unique properties as multi-functional machines has advanced throughout the world on both land and water since the first machine was manufactured in 1996. The machine is the first of its kind on the market. Its amphibian properties make it superior when it comes to work in and around the borders between land and water.

At Megator, we’re prepared to meet all of your routine and emergency pumping requirements. Contact us for more information.