Flexible Impeller Pumps

Flexible Impeller Pumps Utilise Monoflex Single Impeller Pump Technology


Pumping fluids that are highly viscous, abrasive, laden with solids or all of these is the daily task for the Flexible Impeller Pumps. Due to a number of carefully engineered features, the Megator Flexible Impeller Pumps can manage such a task whilst ensuring a low life cycle cost.

The Flexible Impeller Pump is a simple one that sucks and discharges liquid in such a way that special rubber impeller rotors are vent and return continuously.

Applications include sanitary design complied with US 3-A, FDA hygienic standard, commonly used in the food processing, dairy, beverage, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features Include: 

  • Suction lift up to 9mlc.
  • Can handle fluid containing abrasive solids.
  • Flow rate can be controlled by speed.
  • Fast and low-cost maintenance.
  • Driven by hydraulic motor and power pack, electrical motor or Gearmotor
  • Self-adjusts to maintain flow rate when wear is setting in.
  • Portable version can be supplied.

How a Flexible Impeller Pump works.

The flexible impeller as the core part of the pump, it offers reliable and excellent performance.

Fluid enters the pump chamber. The flexible impeller creates a vacuum, that draws in the fluid and transports the fluid towards the pressure port. The flexible impeller is compressed, and the fluid is squeezed out into the pressure pipe.

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