Rope Mop Skimmers

Rope Mop Skimmers

The Megator Rope Mop oil skimmers recover floating oils from the surface of water using a rope mop. The floating rope is driven over the surface of the oil by a drive unit which also squeezes the oil out of the rope for recovery. Rope mop skimmers use a unique fibrillated polypropylene rope which is oleophilic (attracts oil) to remove the floating oils in a wide range of spill clean-up or industrial applications and have proven their reliability in thousands of applications worldwide. The rope mop system is ideal for recovering oil over small or large areas, in separators or pits, harbors and dams in any climate and in a complete range of viscosities.

Stand & Separating Tank

The optional stand and separating tank allows the skimmer to be hung over the area which needs to be skimmed while the compact integral separating tank separates and returns any water picked up by the rope mop. Only pure oil leaves the separator for re-refining or disposal.

Rope mops

White – Used for the skimming of light and medium oils. This softer rope gives optimum performance and recovery and is bulkier than the blue rope.

Blue – Used for the skimming of heavy oils. This coarse rope gives better skimming and grip in the drive unit and has a flat profile.

Oilskim ropes are manufactured from fibrillated polypropylene which has a large surface area and ensures excellent oil recovery rates. Oilskim ropes are sold in multiples of 5 m.

Floating Guide Pulleys

Floating Guide Pulleys allow the skimmer to skim larger surface areas by guiding the oilskim rope over the surface of the oil. The floating guide pulley floats independently and need only be tied to a wall or other fastening point. If the level in the separator fluctuates then a sliding anchor pillar can be used.

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