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Truxor with their unique properties as multi-functional machines has advanced throughout the world on both land and water since the first machine was manufactured in 1996. The machine is the first of its kind on the market. Its amphibian properties make it superior when it comes to work in and around the borders between land and water. With the correct driving method, the minimal ground pressure of the machine makes it possible to advance without undue damage to the land. Truxor is therefore suitable for use on golf courses, private lots, nature preservations and sensitive land sites where other machines have difficulty moving.

Truxor is easy to drive, rotates completely around its own axle in water and has great precision when operating around e.g. docks. The broad assortment of tools gives the machines great flexibility in different kinds of work. The quick connection system allows for easy exchange of most tools and the machines are changed from reed cutters to collectors in the wink of an eye.

Our machines are delivered with standard hydraulic oil, ISO WG 46. The machines can also be delivered with environment-friendly oil.

We’re Excited to Introduce the New T-Series, a New Generation of Truxor Machines – Learn more

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